Made in Germany


Welcome to TECO, the company specialized in blood coagulation and hemostasis. TECO develops, produces and distributes high performance coagulation instruments of latest generation specially suitable for doctors up to hospital laboratories. Additionally, TECO trades the full line of coagulation and hemostasis reagents.


Company profile

TECO was established in 1990 by a product takeover from company LRE medical technology, Munich. In the last 20 years the company grew constantly every year with the new developments and new distribution partners. The company distributes its products worldwide in more than 60 countries and additionally through well-known OEM (private label) partners.

In the beginning TECO started mainly with two instruments:

  • the Coatron JR., a manual 2-channel coagulometer, which was succussfully produced and sold worldwide, also as OEM product for Instrumentation Laboratory, USA under the brandname "MCL-2".
  • the Coatron F2, a semi-automated coagulometer with automatic pipettors, mainly produced and sold through SIGMA, USA under the brandname "AccuStasis 5000".


Plans for the future

With its motivated, professional and experienced engineers and developers TECO presents a stable basement for new product developments. The company catches up more and more to worldwide known enterprises in the field of coagulation and hemostasis. The wide range of coagulation instruments from small microcontroller systems for home user (P.O.C.) up to fully automatic coagulation analyzers for big hospitals and laboratories is constantly extended by new innovative ideas and technologies.