Made in Germany

Coatron A4

Fully automated Hemostasis Analyzer

Special features of the Coatron A4:

  • System
    Ultraviolet light (400 nm). The measurement amplifi cation is adapted Photometric measurement principle with highresolution 4-channel optics, automatically to the methods used. Extraneous and scattered light energy is absorbed.
    High-precision XYZ pipetting system with liquid level sensor
    Long living and fl exible Cap Piercing needle for primary
    tubes such as BD Vaccutainer® or Sarstedt Monovette®.
    Integrated ID-barcode reader
    Bi-directional Interface for PC-Link to LIS.
    Optional trolley to enlarge the waste management
    Integrated graphical thermal printer
    Heated and cooled positions for reagents
    Integrated drawers for consumables

  • Software
    Approved and highly accurate detection algorithm based on optical density. The clotting time is defi ned at the turning point of reaction.
    An intuitive TECO familiar graphical user interface with „Plug and Go” feeling.
    Multi language dialogue. (English, German and other)
    Random access scheduler. Profi les can be performed as batch or selective.
    Positive sample identifi cation (ID and rack position) either manual or with barcode scanner
    Fast and easy processing of STAT samples
    Free programmable test protocols to change or adapt new tests
    Calculation of activity %, INR, Ratio, g/L, mg/dL and more.
    Calibration curve can be identifi ed with up to 6 points per test. The results can be calculated with regression line analysis or linear interpolation.
    Single or double determinations
    Simple fi rmware update

  • Special Functions
    Automatic plasma dilutions up to 1:100
    Automatic cleaning cycles
    Automatic test calibration routines
    Automatic quality control
    Automatic or manual printout
    Automatic test skip, if reagent run out.
    Quality control according to Westgard rules *
    Result traceability *
    Patient monitoring for long time periods *
    Reaction curve monitoring *

  • Economic
    Half volume procedures resulting in 50% cost savings.
    Reagent dead volume is below 300 μL
    Very economic consumption of rinse and cleaning solution.
    Cuvette with no mixing bars, etc.
    All critical system parameters are monitored and make the instrument nearly free of service.


Coatron A6 Plus
Coagulation analyzer
Fully automated dual-Z high speed
Dimensions 85 x 60 x 70 cm
Weight 50 kg
Power values 90-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
Ambient conditions 18°C – 30°C
20 to 80% RH.
no direct sunlight
Global PT, aPTT, Thrombintime,
Fibrinogen (Clauss & PT derived), Heparin
Factors Factor II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII
Thrombophilia Protein C, Protein S, LA Screen (DRVVT), LA Confi rm (DRVVT), Activated Protein C resistance, Antithrombin, D-Dimer
Calculated units %, R, INR, mg/dl, μg/L