Made in Germany

Coatron M1

The new Dimension for the Laboratory

  • 1 channel fully optical measurement
  • with sunlight reduction
  • Clotting, chromogenic or immunturbidimetric assays
  • Quantitative D-Dimer
  • Micro volumes (total 75 μL)
  • Small dimension and weight
  • Easy operation
  • Highly reliable & long-living
  • Autosense optics to eliminate interferences like Bilirubin, Hemoglobin, sunlight
  • Approved clotting algorithm with biphasic waveform analysis
  • Automatic start at reagent addition
  • 3 point calibration curve for each test
  • 1 Stop-watch function onboard
  • Double determination
  • Optional external thermal printer
  • Linking to Laboratory Information Systems such as TECO TECAM




Coatron M1 Coagulation Analyzer
Dimensions 245 x 130 x 65 mm
Weight 0.55 kg
Power Supply (external):
Input 100-240 V~, 50/60Hz
Power 12W
Approvals CE, EN60950, UL
Incubation Block
37,0°C ± 0,2°C
Samples 6 cuvettes
Reagent 2 vial Ø11,0
Different adapters available
Optic1 channel with AutoSense
MethodsTurbidity, Kinetic, Endpoint
Algorithmbased on optical density
Processing14Bit ADC + Digital Filter
AutosenseLED intensity controlling
Startingmanual or optical
CV < 5%
PT ~25/h
APTT ~10/h
FIB ~17/h
Global PT, aPTT, Thrombintime,
Fibrinogen (Clauss & PT derived), Fibrinogen
Factors Factor
Thrombophilia Protein C, Antithrombin, Ecarin Chromogenic Assay for Thrombin, Ecarin Chromogenic Assay for Hirudin, quantitative D-Dimer (immunturbidimetric)
Calculated units Seconds, INR, %, U (mg/dL or ng/mL)