Made in Germany

We have enhanced our biggest model – in major: Faster!

The newest model from the Coatron A series is a milestone in our history of the fully automated Coagulation Analyzers.

Since more than twenty years, our complete line of Coagulation Analyzers running worldwide in thousands of Laboratories with high reliability and precision.
The compact built-up and construction, along with optimized workflow makes the new Coatron A6 Plus to the perfect partner in big sized Laboratories and diagnostic centers.

  • Double the speed (compared to Coatron A6)
    2 pipette needle system with high-precision XYZ location, sensitive level sensor

  • Complete high quality optical analysis
    6 optic channels at 405nm with auto light sensing and maximal light elimination to reduce interferences such like bilirubin or sunlight.

  • Full functionality included
    35 heated and cooled reagent positions for reagents, controls, buffers
    High precision syringe pump
    Economical rinse/clean consumption
    Easy maintenance procedures
    Automatic self control of all instrument functions

  • Proven and improved usability
    Intuitive TECO familiar graphical user interface.


Coatron A6 Plus
Coagulation analyzer
Fully automated dual-Z high speed
Dimensions 500 x 950 x 800 mm (l, b, h)
Display Colored Touch Display 4,3“
Weight 52 kg
Power values 90-240 Vac, 50-60Hz
Pre-warm positions (pcs.) 23
Pre-cool positions (pcs.) 12
Global PTm, aPTT, Thrombintime,
Fibrinogen (Clauss & PT derived), Heparin
Factors Factor II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII
Thrombophilia Protein C, Protein S & free Protein-S, Factor V , Leiden (APC-R), Antithrombin, D-Dimer & FDP, LA Screen (DRVVT), LA Confi rm (DRVVT), Plasminogen
Calculated units Activity %, Ratio, Polish ratio, INR (ISI
system or INR calibration curve), g/L,
mg/dL, ng/L, ng/mL, μg/L, IU/mL